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About Me

Blessed with intuitive abilities and clear thought process, Ms. Nitishaa Shrimali began her Tarot reading journey with a sole intention of helping people in their blustry mindset. I'm  a certified Tarot reader on a mission to provide clarity to people in their difficult, confusing and turbulent life journey.

Tarot reaidng service available from: 2:00 pm–6:00 pm,  Saturday-Sunday

Phone: +91 9033001337


About Tarot

What is Tarot reading?

Tarot reading is a divinatory tool to gain insight to the past, present and future. 

Why Tarot?

Confusion and doubts lead to a lot of anxiety. Also, with so many turbulences in our mind, our decisive abilities go for a toss. Tarot reading clears doubts, confusions and helps in achieving greater control over issues involving relationships, opportunities and life changes. There might also be a new perspective to the situation. 

How will Tarot help me?

Tarot readings declutters your mind! When you work with decluttered mind, you are ready to make the right choices. 

In which aspect of life can Tarot be used?

Tarot can be used to clear your doubt in any aspect of your life. The questions can range from " Should I get married to this person?" or " Should I change my city for better job prospects?" or " What are they thinking of me?" or " Will I get a promotion in this job?"

What questions should not be asked in Tarot?

We don't do legal, health and pregnancy readings. 

How can I avail your services?

Our services can be availed by booking the slot in "Book a Slot" tab, after booking the slot, whatsapp your question/s on +91 9033001337.

Book a slot

We offer following bouquet of services :

Question based session -

1 Question - INR. 501 or USD 7

2 Questions - INR. 699 or USD 9

3 Questions - INR. 798 or USD 10

Time based sessions ( Audio call )

30 Minutes - INR. 999 or USD 13

60 Minutes - INR. 1500 or USD 19

Steps to book a alot :

1.) Make the payment on the link below

2.) Whatsapp the payment confirmation screenshot alongwith your question or required reading on +91 9033001337 and preferred time slot, before 48 hours. 

3.) Once the payment is recieved we will confirm the time slot based on availability and provide the readings. 

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